Ghostwriting: The difference between a good idea and a published book

  • Do you have a story to tell, but no time to tell it?
  • Are you too busy doing what you love to share your experience with the world?
  • Are you torn between reaching out to potential customers and staying focused on your business?
  • Is your story trapped inside because English is your second language?

These are some of the reasons why authors turn to ghostwriters for support. Like them, you may dream of having a book but lack the time or skills to write a ready-for-press manuscript. That’s when you need the skills of Brookes Nohlgren and her select team of gifted and professional writers at Books by Brookes.

Starting wherever you are in the process—from notes on a napkin to a complete rough draft—Books by Brookes can craft your ideas into a finished manuscript—a concise, coherent, and beautifully written book that’s in your voice.

Beyond ghostwriting, Books by Brookes can take your finished manuscript all the way to a printed or e-book. Alternatively, authors can choose a la carte from a menu of services. Read more about Editing or Book Production services below.

Book Editing: Perfecting the already good

For authors seeking extraordinary book editing, look no further than Brookes and her expert editorial team at Books by Brookes. Their work will make the difference between a decent document and a polished, print-ready manuscript. Perhaps you need a content editor who can sculpt heavy, dense copy or beef up incomplete copy into a book with greater meaning and impact. Perhaps you need a line editor who can bring a ghostwriter’s gift of fluid grammar and technical accuracy. Working with Books by Brookes, your editing will be in the hands of a pro who brings a personal commitment to every project she touches, while drawing on the specialized skills of others to meet your deadlines with proven expertise.

Some authors need more than book editing. Read more about Ghostwriting and Book Production. Not sure what level of service you need? Please contact Brookes for a review of your manuscript.

Book Production: Beautiful Books to Carry Independent Messages

Unprecedented opportunities exist for authors who choose to self-publish, as an end in itself or as a step toward finding an established publisher. With Brookes Nohlgren as your creative director and publishing coach, you can keep the rights, control, and financial benefits of your books without having to master the ins and outs of self-publishing.

For each book, Brookes assembles a customized team of award-winning professionals in project management, copywriting, editing, design, composition, indexing, proofing, printing, e-book conversion, and more. The result is a unique, standout hardcover, paperback, or electronic book that beautifully represents you, your ideas, and your story.

With expertise on everything from getting an ISBN number to establishing an independent press, Brookes and her team at Books by Brookes have a proven track record for all your book production needs. With a transparent budget, a clear work plan, and a realistic timetable, you will be confident every step of the way in the production of your book. No matter its specific needs, your project will be safe and sound in the hands of Books by Brookes.