From Authors & Publishers

Brookes, you are a real pro. And I should know—this is my 11th book! I look forward to working with you again.

—Arianna Huffington
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
Author of On Becoming Fearless


Whenever we recommend a writer for one of our authors to work with, Brookes is always at the top of our list. We know she will turn in a top-quality manuscript, no matter whom she is working with or what the subject matter is. She has the uncanny ability to bring forth a writer’s individual voice in a clear, concise way, and to make the material shine. Brookes is truly one of the best there is, and we recommend her highly.

—Shannon Littrell
Editorial Director, Hay House, Inc.


Brookes Nohlgren is an invaluable resource who will help you see your work from the perspective of an intelligent reader. Her input will enable you to craft your words so you can reach the widest possible audience.

—David Simon, M.D.
Medical Director, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing
Author of Free to Love, Free to Heal


Brookes is a brilliant and focused writer. She handles a manuscript to its utmost to make it flow and represent the true ideas of the author. I love that she is committed to producing books that make a significant change in our society.

—Ismael Nuño, M.D.
Chief of Cardiac Surgery, L.A. County + USC Medical Center
Author of My Heart Wide Open


Writing a testimonial for Brookes Nohlgren is the simplest task because I have had complete admiration for her professionalism, knowledge, and skill as my editor and book producer. Her talents and teamwork helped me enter
self-publishing as a first-time author and new publisher with confidence. Her pricing structure and work ethic delivered value while allowing me to make choices about how to invest in her first-rate support.

My project progressed with unexpected speed; while that is a cause for celebration, I feel sad because the fun and excitement must draw to a close. I hope to work with Brookes on many future projects and have recommended her without reservation to close friends, so that they can have a similar positive experience.

Given the abundant praise of others regarding her capabilities, attention to detail and insistence on quality, I want to shout “Amen” and add “Yes, Virginia, she does exist!” If you are reading this, let me assure you that you cannot make a better choice if you seek someone to support your effort with compassionate excellence!

—Bethe Lee Moulton
International Business Strategist
Author of Until Brazil


I recently had the privilege of collaborating with Brookes Nohlgren on my newest self-help book. As a ghostwriter/co-author, she is talented, organized, and efficient. Most of all, Brookes has tremendous heart. That, combined with her excellent writing skills, made for a wonderful experience and great results. I can’t wait for our next co-adventure!

—Seth C. Kadish, Psy.D.
Author of Pop Your Patterns: The No-Nonsense Way to Change Your Life


I’m so grateful to have found Brookes! She is exceptional at assisting writers to bring out their true voice while making sure their text is crisp, eloquent, and precise.

In addition to being a gifted editor/co-writer, she brings immense patience and good spirits to the task, making working with her a joy.

I would highly recommend Brookes Nohlgren to any author.

—Agapi Stassinopoulos
Author of Gods and Goddesses in Love and Unbinding the Heart


Brookes Nohlgren is professional, creative, responsible and overflowing with integrity and respect. She listens, critiques, advises and directs in a way that makes an author feel accomplished and inspired. You are fortunate to work with such a gifted writer.

—Kate Miller
Author of Inspirational Parenting


With her amazing expertise, kindness, and positive attitude, Brookes Nohlgren is truly the best book producer an author could wish for. I particularly appreciate how resourceful she is and knowledgeable about every aspect of book production. With every step, she made me feel safe and taken care of. I can’t wait to work with her on my next book and could not recommend her more highly.

—Jasmin Rogg, M.A., M.F.T.
Author of To Hell & Back: How to Have Feelings & Stay Sober at the Same Time


I highly recommend Brookes Nohlgren as a talented and dedicated book producer. She singlehandedly guided me with grace and ease through every step of the production of my book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. Collaborating with her and the expert team she put together for editing, illustrations, design, and printing was exciting, creative and fun, and ended with excellent results—my book has won NINE awards so far, has been reviewed by the big book trade publications, and is being sold by the big chain bookstores. I couldn’t have done it without Brookes; she made my dream a reality!

—Teresa Power, Kids’ Yoga Instructor
Author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids


When I was first referred to Brookes Nohlgren by another author, I went to her website and read all of the glowing testimonials there and decided to trust that they were true. I am so pleased to report that they were—every wonderful word conveyed there about Brookes turned out to be true. Brookes, I am forever grateful for your help in publishing my first book and look forward to doing the next one together too!

—Karyn Garvin, Divine Dog Books
Author of Dogs Do Go to Heaven!


I knew I wanted to self-publish, but I had concerns about all the work involved and the quality of the end result. Not only did Brookes make things simple and straightforward, she helped me create an amazing book! I seriously doubt a publisher could have turned out a better product. I’ve sold over 2,000 copies in just a few months, and bookstores are contacting me to carry my book! Thanks, Brookes!

—Tim Kelley
Author of True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make


On my journey to self-publishing, I was extremely fortunate to have come upon Brookes Nohlgren. Having invested an enormous amount of time, money, and creative energy in the writing of my book, the decision to self-publish was both scary and daunting. However, as soon as Brookes entered the picture, I knew I was in safe hands. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and competent in this field, but she also has a personal manner that engenders confidence and trust. Brookes is clear with timelines and fully meets every commitment. She is always accessible and goes above and beyond producing a book to ensure that the experience is positive and fulfilling. Brookes has my wholehearted endorsement—there is no one else I would even consider working with.

—Dara Marks, Hollywood’s #1 Screenwriting Consultant
Author of Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc


Brookes, I’m really just a novice at this whole book thing, a mere mortal, but to me it seems you are a very special person with incredible insights, skills, and sensitivity—without which I may be wandering aimlessly about the universe. Your professional skills as a writer, editor, and consultant literally make my jaw drop. You can see the smallest of details yet artfully paint the big picture. Thank you for making this humble journey an amazing adventure.

—Jason Klassi, Emmy-nominated documentary producer, writer, and host
Author of The Everyday Space Traveler: Discover 9 Life-Affirming Insights into the Wonders of Inner and Outer Space


Brookes, I loved that you jumped right in to this project with no fuss or muss—and that you were so on top of it, making it easy for me to get the book done on such a short deadline. Your editing was awesome—the best I have had, and this is my 7th book. Thank you for your contribution to this work that will help men live healthier, happier lives. You’re the best!

—Bob DeMaria, N.D., a.k.a. The Drugless Doctor™
Author of Men’s Health: The Basics and the Dr. Bob Drugless Guide Series


I knew in just days that I had done the right thing in signing with Books by Brookes to help me publish my precious first book. Clearly Brookes has it all. The organizational skills and the people skills. Meticulous attention to detail. Flexibility, accessibility, and responsiveness. A passion for quality, and an equal passion for keeping my book moving forward on time and on budget. She made the process easy and enjoyable, and I look forward to working with her on my future books.

—Richard Blacker
Author of Finding Your Path Through Life


Whether you’re a first time author or a seasoned pro, retaining Brookes is one of best investments you will ever make. Her work is professional and she delivers on time. I’m in the process of writing my next book and Brookes is on my team!

—Judy Jernudd
Author of Media Star Power: ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print, and Net Interviews


Brookes, your expertise has enabled me to share my message in a most professional manner. I am deeply indebted.

—Marvin Marshall, Ed.D.
Author of Discipline without Stress, Punishments or Rewards and Parenting without Stress


Working with Brookes turned out to be an unexpected high point of my book production project. Her work produced benefits that exceeded my already high expectations and value far beyond her very reasonable cost.

Specifically, I was impressed with the depth and scope of Brookes’s knowledge, both with language and in the broader field of publishing. She often made suggestions or provided information that made my book better. Even more, I was amazed at the thoroughness of her work.

Once we had agreed upon a schedule, I found I could set my watch by how Brookes met the deadlines. And when things got down to the wire, she always remained calm and was easy to work with. She interfaced with me, my project leader, and the design team I used, and the interface between all concerned was smooth, easy and flawless.

I would use Brookes again in a heartbeat.

—Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D., Founder of Insight University
Author of PeopleSavvy for Sales Professionals


Brookes treated my book with precision and passion. Even though she did the copyediting, you would have thought it was her own book. And yet she still remembered it was my voice that needed to be heard and not her own. She’s a professional who keeps her word and meets your deadlines. I highly recommend her.

—Cie Murray
Author of Got the POWER: 7 Tools to Produce the Work Life You Want


Brookes, two thousand roses and a million thanks to you for your work on The Splintered Rainbow. I know the book is better and much more professional because of you.

—George Carter
Author of The Splintered Rainbow


Brookes is a real professional. It was terrific to work with her. She was extremely competent, flexible and clear, and always stuck to deadlines and agreements. But more than that, she calmly took the inevitable problems on and solved them without trouble or drama. On top of it all, she is truly a nice, caring person who took the time to understand me and my book.

Of all the people I have worked with in the past year or two I can honestly say that she was the one I found to be the most conscientious and easy to work with.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

—Marty Friedman
Author of Straight Talk for Men About Marriage


Brookes, your fine work has certainly contributed to the success of my book…I hope we will be working together again in the future.

—Tommie Spear
Author of A Star to Steer Her By


Brookes Nohlgren masterfully pulled together two of my books. She has an eye for detail and presentation that is without parallel! She is very easy to work with and is resourceful in solving problems.

—Jayne A. Major, Ph.D.
Author of Breakthrough Parenting and Creating a Successful Parenting Plan


Brookes, I’m writing to let you know just how much I have enjoyed working with you. Your skill and craftsmanship, your keen eye caught the most subtle errors that I—and a professional editor—missed, contributed greatly to the finished product. I also want to acknowledge your superb role as production coordinator for the printing of the book—a Herculean task that you performed masterfully.

I plan to write other books, and I hope you will work with me on projects to come.

—Larry Geller
Author of Healthy Life, Great Looks, Healthy Hair!


Brookes, you have been an absolute Godsend, literally, to the project of 1008 Wells Foundation by editing with great love my memoirs. Your guidance and expertise provided the professional molding for my message without changing the tone or words of the story. Anyone can make something grammatically correct, but it takes an editorial-angel to move the story beyond mere words and into the space of the reader’s heart.

Thank you for your time, encouragement, and loving support through every aspect of this project.

—Jadeine Shives
Author of Digging a Well to Heaven


Brookes, you did a fabulous job. Thank you.

—Abrendal Austin
Author of A Fugitive’s Wife


Recently, the book Brookes edited for me won Health Book of the Year awards from TWO separate national publishing organizations. That would not have happened if Brookes had not done such a good job for me. One of the judges for one of these awards made the following comments about my book: “Practical, thoughtful, well-written. A superb book….it’s sure a winner at its core!” That’s the best testimony I can give for the quality of Brookes’s work.

Brookes is intelligent, perceptive and highly skilled. She constantly works at making a book’s final contents appealing to the people who will purchase and read it, while at the same time clarifying the true message of the author. In my experience, her set of editing skills is special and unique.

Not only was Brookes brilliant at the editing she did for my book, but she was also a delight to work with. Her passion for my topic made every conversation with her a “high” for me. I also very much appreciated her special efforts to make sure she understood what I wanted to accomplish with my book.

Any author would be blessed to work with her.

—Pamela Armstrong
Author of Surviving Healthcare


Brookes, thank you for adding great value to our programs, products and company.

—Timothy P. O’Brien
Author of The Power of Personal Branding


Brookes, thank you for your extraordinary contribution to Remodel Your Reality. I have worked with numerous professionals throughout my career, and few have equaled your level of professionalism, consistency, and insight.

Your work has made the book a much stronger title than it would have been had you not been involved in this project. I have appreciated your input regarding the manuscript and your evident knowledge of the publishing process. You have taught me so much, and your approach to our work has allowed me to feel a sense of trust and confidence in the recommendations you’ve made throughout this undertaking.

I enthusiastically recommend your services to all individuals who consider working with you, and invite you to direct prospective clients to me for my unequivocal endorsement!

—Kimberly Fulcher
Author of Remodel Your Reality: Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion


To succeed as a book producer, a solid understanding of the publishing business is critical. A person must be organized, observant of detail, and willing to put in the extra work that is sometimes necessary to respond in a timely manner. As an author, I expect to be treated graciously at all times, but to have project information imparted to me directly with no embellishment. I admire someone who can keep to their deadlines, as well as be clear as to my own, and knows the order of things to complete the project in the agreed-upon time frame. I do not wish to feel lost among other projects.

Brookes, you not only excel in all of these qualities and abilities, you must be one of the best at what you do. We feel fortunate to have worked with you as our editor and project manager.

—Jim Claitor, Principal, Momentum2Execution
Co-author of Build the Life You Want AND Still Have Time to Enjoy It!


I have used Brookes Nohlgren for my most important projects spanning nearly five years. She has always delivered quality results, on time and in a finished state. She is capable of handling complicated projects that few can handle, and she is greatly skilled in asking the right questions to ensure that everything is done right. I highly recommend her.

—Bjorn Ahlen, Publisher, Living Media 2000


From Other Publishing Professionals


As a writer of advertising/marketing materials for authors and others, I always look forward to working with Brookes for a variety of reasons. She is one of the most clear and well organized people I know. She is reliable in meeting deadlines that are agreed upon. She is most knowledgeable in her field and meticulous in her work, though at the same time she is flexible and accommodating should points of contention arise. Brookes is a true professional in every way. All of these combine to make working with her easy and, therefore, fun.

—Laren Bright, Copywriter


I’ve had the privilege of working with Brookes on several projects. As an indexer, I appreciate her keen eye for detail and her knowledge of the publishing world. It is such a relief to work with someone who is not only familiar with my piece of the puzzle, but also knowledgeable of what it takes to get a book from the beginning of the process safely through to the end. Her dedication and commitment to the client are paramount, and the end result is a good-looking book!

—Gina Gerboth, Indexer, Pueblo Indexing


Brookes Nohlgren and I have worked together as editors at Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, and later as freelance writers and editors. Throughout my experience working with Brookes, I have always been extremely impressed with her keen eye, critical judgment, organizational skills, and professionalism. On more than one occasion, I have called upon Brookes’s near-encyclopedic knowledge of publishing/editorial practices and procedures, as well as her sensitivity and judgment in dealing with a variety of clients. I enthusiastically recommend Brookes for future clients; it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her myself.

—Elizabeth Knapp, Writer & Editor


Brookes Nohlgren is the most detailed and conscientious editor I have worked with. No stones are left unturned, and the end result is total professionalism.

—Dotti Albertine, Book Designer, Albertine Book Design


I always like working with Brookes because she can be counted upon to hold the line as far as quality is concerned and will do everything possible to make her clients happy. She is also notorious for finding errors that others miss.

—Ghislain Viau, Compositor, Creative Publishing


Brookes Nohlgren is truly a pleasure to work with and a top-notch publishing professional. Highly knowledgeable and organized, she delivers when she says she will and her projects always get done on time. For these reasons and for her total dedication to her clients, I have been referring business to her for years.

—Pam Terry, Graphic Designer, Opus1Design


I’ve had periodic contact with Brookes for some half-dozen years and know that she is highly regarded as a book editor by other professionals in the field. Despite her relatively young age, Brookes brings considerable maturity to her work and is highly responsible to both her clients and, not least, to potential clients. I know, for example, that she has passed on some good book editing jobs because she didn’t want to chance over-committing herself or missing any deadlines.

Much to Brookes’s credit, unlike many editors, she is always learning. And it shows. Brookes is capable, hard-working, prompt, widely knowledgeable, accommodating, and always pleasant and easy to get along with. I am always pleased to work with her and to recommend her to others for editorial work.

—Ron Kenner, Editor, RKedit


I have had the pleasure of working with Brookes Nohlgren on a variety of editorial projects. Brookes is an outstanding editor and writer. She has an extensive knowledge of the publishing industry and an ability to create and edit excellent, high-quality manuscript. These talents are difficult to find today. Equally important are Brookes’s insights and the background knowledge that she brings to all of her projects. Brookes is thorough and conscientious. She knows how to deliver a quality product and meet a publishing deadline at the same time.

—Phyllis Jelinek, Project Manager, Setting Pace West